“Biotektor” Generative Line 01 Gallery


Generative works produced, edited and compiled by Bartlomiej Kuzniak with the purpose of ‘feeding’ the artificial neural network with this material as frames of a film to which the between-frames AI will count. The initial color distribution and compositions were determined by ZloWiek‘s original work created as an illustration for “Biotektor,” which opens this collection.

Animations based on slideshow above will become video clip/nets of the tracks 1 & 3. 2nd track is example of one minute of sound installation – the thousands of words that make up the story “Biotektor” have been cut into phonemes and put together in a new order to approximate the mood of the novella while depriving the listener of any understandable content. In the live version, it is possible to reach for many other texts and languages to mix them all together to create something like a modern Tower of Babel, preferably in a multi-speaker octophonic version. 



Official website of “Biotektor” including audio-book, e-book and more graphics.

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