333 Spaces

Project 333 Spaces is based on experiments, research and development of the spherical sound recording and reproduction system. It will be used for sound design and ultra in-depth high resolution microscopic HD audio recordings for movies, commercials, multimedia performances & concerts.

333 Spaces is the name of non profit audio-visual project using this technology to provide the results of my work to interested.

Starring: Nature, Cities, Towns, Power Plants and Musicians.

We will share experiences from the journey with you via Internet streaming in full quality, full length and for free. Surface Microphones based on the shape of Archimedean Spiral as a part of Spherical Recording System are already working prototype. Results are more than promising:)

The next goal is creating 8 discreet channels of Archimedean Spiral Microphones necessary to test this way of capturing natural spherical sound phenomenons. Later on some promising design of sound-systems will be tested to create sound-systems for Galleries of the Art of Sound and also for special events, including 3D composition challenge which I’ll share with few interested creators.

For now good stereo example is available in 24bits 192kHz quality here and for preview below.

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