The Archives document the autonomous creative processes of nearly hundred artists working at Studio 333 over the past two decades. The sounds, without exception, recorded in High Definition go beyond musical and sound idioms. All phonograms have been prepared with the utmost care using advanced equipment, including many original prototype devices. The idea of using a top-shelf studio to produce off-music and making the results of the work available for free in its entirety is the fulfillment of the idealistic dream of Bartłomiej Kuźniak, who runs the laboratory.

In addition to the Studio 333 Archives website, the upcoming releases will be available on and

Already available:
01. Kuzniak Mahmoud “Never, Never” 6 tracks, 53 minutes
02. “Biotektor” – audiobook of the novel by Tomasz Bot with 2 musical pieces plus text in Polish

Publications planned for 2023:
03. B333 x AKME feat. Afrika Brown “All Day Everyday” – 4 tracks, 35 minutes
04. AT BK “Hope” – 4 tracks, 30 minutes
05. 2g “Shiver” – original track plus new re-works aus Berlin
06. B333 “Approaching but Never Reaching” – 1 track, 60 minutes
07. Sub Spa “Alternative Visions of Pleasure”
08. Umwelt 333 “Evil Jazz”
09. 2g “Strange Illusion of Contact”

Dozens of other works to be collected here are available at and a few on New works plus some older never published before are on the way. Stay tuned, stay alive:)

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