Gallery of the Art of Sound

Idea of creating global network of Galleries of the Art of Sound is the result of whole live experience and developent made by Bartłomiej Kuźniak on the field of positive therapeutical effect of sound and music on people. It’s achieved by using custom ultra high definition spherical sound recording & reproduction system with advanced hi-tech octophonical psycho-active mastering studio technics involved in process of composing and producing music.

There are several parallel lines of program of the Galleries of the Art of Sound – stationery and mobile:

1. 4 – 5 hours long ultra-high definition (32bits / 384kHz, 8 discrete channels) octophonical (spherical) sound recordings combined with HD VR video recordings made in most beautiful places on the Earth: in the nature but also in selected Cities. Those records can bring serious relief to the people which are limited in their ability to move because of medical issues, also for the Patients awaiting transplant in hospitals for many months or years. It has also educational value and can be great promotional tool gaining turistical attraction of Countries, Regions and Cities.

2. Residency program for modern composers and producers preparing as much developed works on the field of progressive aesthetic as the technology that will be available to them is. This is the core of creating new culture mission based on never used before possibilities given to edgy talents.

3. Using next level quality of sound recording & reproduction for documenting cultural heritage. Whole musical catalog is awaiting for upgrade to the standard of the future.

4. Developement of AI and self-learning neural networks to observe musical gestures and decisions of musicians and composers to create:
a) generative works made entirely by machines (“inpired by humans”) and
b) another path focused on dialog of human and machine leading to deveopement on both sides.

5. New immersive sound standard for futuristic Cinemas, Venues and Special Events.

6. Future Entertainment Engineering for the Clubs with powerfull bass floor internal organs massage and psycho-acoustic octophonical technics allowing people to distress and relax effectively while dancing being completly sober.

If are you interested in investing in the project of creating global network of Galleries of the Art of Sound please contact oryginator of the concept by using formular below

or contact chinese representative in Shenzhen – Marcin Romanowski aka Piro by telephone +86 185 6566 0405 or via WeChat using linked QR code.

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