We are happy to present you with the results of our duo B333 x AKME collaboration. We feel that over two decades of work on stage and in studio are now blooming in the way we like: supporting our audience to release from tension on a dance floor, theaters, performances, movies and galleries. Each track was prepared with the highest technical standards and great care for details at Studio333.net. Let the music speak for itself :)

So far our re-work made for Hyenaz was published on vinyl and digital.



Mad Kate & XIL – vocals, original composition & sounds of Hyenaz
aka Bartłomiej Kuźniak – sopranosaxophones & electric basses
AKME aka Maciej Kochański – beats and electronics
Re-work Music Production, High Definition Recording, Mixing and Mastering by Bartłomiej Kuźniak @ Studio333.net


The tracks below were never published but we tested them few times live on festivals and in clubs. Please do not spread those tracks over the Internet until they will be officially published – all of them are strictly confidential and for your ears only. Thank you for your understanding and attention:)



B333 aka Bartłomiej Kuźniak – sopranosaxophone, tenorsaxophone, clarinet, electric contrabass & bass, beats and shakers
AKME aka Maciej Kochański – beats and electronics
Afrika Brown – vocal for “We Are One” & “All Day Everyday”
7-8 – field recording at “We Are One”
Frank Parker – “yeah” voice for “All Day Everyday”

Music Production, High Definition Recording, Mixing and Mastering by Bartłomiej Kuźniak @ Studio333.net

From the left: AKME and B333. Photo by Michał Parchimowicz.

About authors:

B333 aka  Bartłomiej Kuźniak – composing multi-instrumentalist, studio-man, dreamer.

He recorded over 40 albums with many bands ranging from minimalistic contemporary chamber music, electronic avant-guard, somnambulist bass hypnosis to oniric post-techno designed for futuristic dancefloors – with octophonic high definition deep, spacey and psycho-active sound.

Owner of Studio333.net, mastering engineer, music producer, author and co-author of videos dedicated to music youtube.com/bartkuzniak, researcher sharing media in open source library.

Currently working in parallel on Gallery of the Art of Sound (where discrete 8-channel 3D octophonic ultra high resolution field recordings will be presented), solo party project called B333, duo Kuzniak Mahmoud and collaborations.

> Selection of Bartłomiej Kuźniak’s works.


AKME aka Maciej Kochański is a Warsaw based DJ and idm / minimal / dub techno producer. Succesfully cooperates with many labels, as Resopal Schallware [DE], Numbolic [CH], Otake Records [PL] and others. Resident of one of the most renowned clubs in Poland – THC Luzztro and Nowa Jerozolima.

Present on Polish stage since 1995 – his adventure started in iconic warsaw clubs like Blue Velvet, Trend, Grota and Lokomotywa – places where Polish club scene began. Most notably playing long techno sets in underground clubs and big festivals. Played and cooperated with many great international DJs and producers. In 2012 started his cooperation with the German Resopal label and established himself as a talented producer. AKME is a part of two long term music projects – B333 x AKME and MY 2ND WIFE.

Every live performance is an adventure, a music journey filled with minimal, dub techno and offbeat sounds. Do not expect the well-known hits. Prepare yourself for sth unique, high-quality, deep and trippy.


Africa Brown – Artist / Singer / Performer

Based out of Chicago, Africa Brown has graced the stage from a very early age, working alongside her famous father, Oscar Brown Jr. Although her stage presence is influenced by her father, Ms. Brown has a unique style all her own. Her voice ranges from childlike to sultry, and her style stays true to the Brown family tradition of dramatically telling the story of each and every song. Available for stage, workshops, theatrical collaborations, and all creative undertakings.

Africa Brown has established a distinguished career over the past several years, being raised in a showbiz family and years working along side of her famous father, Oscar Brown, Jr. This kid was said to be born in a trunk, due to her parents “Gypsy” lifestyle as a toddler. At the tender age of 7, she was introduced to the stage and theater, appearing in her father’s musical, “In De Beginning.” Her performance won her the acclaimed Joseph Jefferson Award for Best Supporting Actress in a musical 1978, making her the youngest actor to receive the award at the time.

Since her stage debut, she has performed in several other productions that includes the hit musical, “Great Nitty Gritty,” which was featured at the McCormick theater in 1982. Most recently, she and her sister, Maggie Brown, have performed as 2 Brown Sisters, appearing in venues around Chicago. She and Maggie also performed in several noted engagements with her father, in a musical revue entitled “Sounds of The Brown’s” appearing at the The Winter Jazz Fest Chicago, South Shore Jazz Festival, the Ravinia Festival, and the 1996 Chicago Jazz Festival, which was broadcast live internationally. She also had the opportunity to perform with her father on his final stage appearance in April of 2005.

After her father passed, she took on the role of co-directing Great Nitty Great in 2006 with much success. She acted in two short indie films and some voice over work. With the support of the Brown family and friends, she continues to perform OBJ tributes and create shows with her musical family. In 2009, worked with Kelan Phil Cohran during his tribute to Sun Ra in Chicago’s Millennium Park
In 2011, she launched Sirius Edutainment, a social business, teaching our youth and teens healthy coping skills, while growing up in Chicago. She secured a contract with the City Of Chicago to teach a drama program to seniors using the material of her father.
In 2016 Africa went to Europe and recorded with music producer Bartłomiej Kuźniak

In addition to her singing and performing, she is also a principal performing member of Ayodele Drum and Dance since 2007 under the direction of Tosha “Ayo” Alston, studying African drumming and dance. She works with dynamic choreographers from West Africa and America and has been able to grow as a performer under the guidance of her mentors, she also contributes her talents as a writer and vocalist.

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