technical rider

Projects which require very strong bass (solo, 2g, Nonstate) need Hi-Efficient fast Sub Woofers able to play clearly very low frequencies above 40Hz (basses are tuned octave lower) providing 110dB of bass on the dancefloor plus Full Range Hi-Class Mid-Hi Speakers, about 97dB on the dancefloor / audience area. General tone balance should be pleasant with strong accent on the extra low frequencies, without harsh and too offensive hi-mids & highs.

For backline, part of main Sound System is needed (100dB of bass plus 95dB of Mid-Hi will be enough). Hi-Mid frequency speakers should be placed on level of ear of the bass player – about 175cm over stage floor level. Subwoofers can be stacked below Hi-Mids speaker’s cabinets to give direct impression of power while playing.

Saxofone duo can perform in good acoustic conditions even without microphones & soundsystem.

For detailed technical rider of specific project please contact me.

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