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Bartlomiej Kuzniak is one of the pioneers of high definition recording, mixing and mastering. He intertwines his authorial work with work for other artists.

Some things could not be cleaned up at all before, for example, most of voice recording contains hundreds of small high-pitched clicks that are actually tiny water bubbles bursting in the mouth. They co-occur with the main sound, so cutting them out (in time or frequency) is not an option.
Thanks to state-of-the-art spectral tools, it is possible to intervene in sound as precisely, transparently and deeply as never before. The difference in the sound of automatic De-Essers vs selective Spectral Interpolation is huge.

I manually remove accidental sounds, stand impacts, creaking floors and chairs or any other noises. I can decrease reverberation or even re-synthesize voice to correct the recording made with a potato with help of neural networks with self-learning algorithms (example below).

Before / After (Audio file).

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