Atrocious Filth “OVV” in HD Audio 24 bits 176400Hz Lossless FLAC is available to download from bandcamp. The player below is for those who like to have audio preview in better quality (1/16th instead of 1/43th of source quality from bandcamp).


Andrzej Choromański – guitars
Leszek Rakowski – basses
Tomasz Bardega – vocal
Gerard Niemczyk – drums
Agnieszka Połubińska – cellos in “L”
Tony Kinsky – vocal in “T” & “O”
Bartłomiej Kuźniak – textures

Music Production, High Definition Recording, Mixing & Mastering by Bartłomiej Kuźniak @
Recorded in Naterki, Nowy Sącz & Częstochowa
2nd basses and guitars re-amped in Katowice @ Studio Czyściec x
Cover Art by Maëlle Cadoret
Published by Moans Music
Photos by Bartłomiej Kuźniak

Interviews and reviews in Polish:

Gazeta Wyborcza – review (text)

Metalside – interview (text)

Radio UWM FM – interview (audio)

ANTYRADIO – Rzeźnia / Slaughterhouse – Made in Poland: Atrocious Filth Special 2021.02.01 – interview (audio 240 min)

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