at the workshop

Since you are here, it means that I want to share with you the effect of my work before its publication and even before mastering. Please do not post this link. Happy listening and all the best <3

This is a opening track of upcoming mini-album “Hope” which will be published on Studio 333 Archives websites in Q1 2023.



Music production, sounds & recordings by Adrienne Teicher & Bart Kuzniak, Czestochowa ( & Berlin 2017-2022.


I dedicate piece in playlist below to Paweł Janowicz with thanks for many years of support and friendship:) After another wonderful holiday in Crete, I wanted to give back the amazing peace and satisfaction with life there. I recorded the song within a few days of returning, trying to capture remembered blissful state. “Kalimera, kalispera and kalinichta” is a Greek greeting suitable for the next time of day and night.


Music, recordings & mixing by Bart Kuzniak, Czestochowa @ Studio
Female whispers by Aneta Hajdas <3

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